We received a patent evaluation for a software-based, cell-controlling eyesight regeneration project NEW-VISION


 We received a patent evaluation for a Software-based, cell-controlling eyesight regeneration project NEW-VISION from the Patent Agency. The project will be patented according to the prescribed procedure below.

 Title of invention  Head-mounted display with visible ray wavelength conversion component
 Application number  2016-249858
 Applicant  JIG-SAW INC.

 The invention relates to mounting our original visible ray wavelength conversion software onto a smart-glass-type head-mounted display, aiming at helping blind people restore their eyesight. Targeting retinitis pigmentosa,*1 etc., we will conduct clinical research of the head-mounted display along with a clinical trial of genetic medicine to be conducted in a specific healthcare agency in 2018. This is an innovative initiative aimed at helping people who became blind from a specific retinal disease regain their eyesight by color signal control of cells using our original algorithm conversion software. We concretely aim at ensuring they can recognize scenes and people’s expressions as well as read and write characters through a combination of the invention and genetic medicine.
 For more details, see the NEW-VISION website.
 Starting with the patent evaluation in Japan, we will aim at patent registration in countries around the world as an effort toward an entirely new type of regeneration medicine with our priority according to the patent application.

[Explanation of terms]
*1 Retinitis pigmentosa: A retinal degenerative disease caused by mutated genes, leading to lack of color vision and blindness. The most common symptoms are progressive night blindness, narrowed visual field and decreased vision.